Why Do People Buy Apple Products?

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As I sit here at work (yes on New Year’s Eve), I’m just browsing the Internet at all the stolen iPads going on that I’ve been hearing about, especially this one.  Here in my local area there were 3 house robberies where people stole iPads people had under their trees, even one from a special needs kid that used an iPad to communicate because she couldn’t talk.  And I’m thinking to myself, why the hell do people even want those pieces of garbage anyway?  Sorry guys, but Apple products are complete garbage; especially the biggest trash of all time, The iPhone.

Why do I think they’re garbage?  Well, for one, like all Apple products, it’s 100% proprietary, which means, you can customize it only as far as Apple wants you to.  I’m sorry but if I’m paying $500 for a cell phone, I want to be able to do anything I want with it.  My $500. My cell phone. I shouldn’t have to jailbreak my phone just to get the apps I want.  That’s ludicrous.  But yet, every day people go out and burn their hard-earned money on an iPhone when they can just get an Android phone for the same or less, and be able to do whatever you want with it.  Apple consumers just make 0 sense to me.  It’s like they want to be owned by “the system”.

A friend of mine asked me how to download a song he heard on his iPhone so I tried the same method I use on my Android phone, pretty much just by connecting a USB cable and drag and drop the song onto the memory card; takes like 10 seconds tops.  But did that method work on the iPhone?  Hell no.  It wouldn’t even see the song.  So I did some Googling and found out I had to do some voodoo ritual with the file so his iPhone could read it.  Methods of which kept pointing me towards buying some software or buying the song altogether from iTunes.  Why people?  Why o why do you buy Apple products?  Please tell me the reason and attach a legitimate reason to it.

Is it because they look cool? I guess if you like every electronic item in your house looking like a white brick.  Because if that’s the reason, then its a stupid reason.  There are many cellies out there that look simliar to iPhone, and even better.  Me, I’ve never been one for looks; I only care about performance and specs.  I see no point in buying something that can’t meet my needs, just because it looks cool.

I did have a iBook once, but that was only because I needed one to learn the Mac OS since I was working in IT at the time.  I had to learn the OS.  But even then I bought it on Ebay for $100, the retail price for it was $1000. That iBook met it’s demise when I got tired of it slowing down for no reason to the point where it took so long to do anything, that I just stopped using it.  I sold it back on Ebay and got my $100 back.  But who pays $1000 for a laptop that does no more or less than the next PC laptop?  Please tell me. Why?  The average American household already has like 3 computers in it if not more, and everyone in that household has a cell phone most likely and god only knows how many laptops the American household has.  So why do people need an iPad too?  I don’t get it.  All an iPad is is a laptop with the keyboard ripped off, so I don’t understand why people have to keep rebuying what they already have.



How are these prices cool?  I can build a desktop (probably two or three) , with monitor included, that would send  a Mac Pro crying back to Steve Wozniak begging for upgrades.  Don’t get me wrong, Apple products are good, they’re great, and they look cool, but they are certainly not worth the prices they charge because they are not the best you can get for the price but the sheeple proudly buy.  Who pays $1000 for a laptop and $2500 for a desktop?  Sheeple, that’s who and I’m so happy that I have a brain for myself and I’m not part of that flock.


 A PC is more likely going to give you all the bang for the buck.  One reason is they are cheap to repair.  Repair alot of times is just as easy as going to a local computer store or online store and buying the part for yourself; anyone and their mom could do that.  This is the reason why I don’t buy extended warranties because the parts can be bought cheap and  easily.  Unlike Apple parts, they are not sold in stores, due to copyrights, and have to be sent back to Apple or some other 3rd party service center for repair of which I am sure you have to pay for your own shipping. Say goodbye to your wallet.  So why Apple?

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