Western Digital’s Bad External Hard Disks

Thanks to Western Digital’s crappy external TB Element hard drives, I now I have to get a new hard disk because it crashed, all I get is the infamous flashing light, and of course it happens when it’s out of warranty.  How does a hard disk only last 1.8 years?  I bought it for my birthday on August 2010 and it actually crashed about October 2011 and since it was outside of it’s one year warranty  I didn’t bother to call Western Digital to beg and plead for a new drive only to be given the runaround on a bad dished out product.  But I haven’t used the computer it’s attached to in about 6 months and now I remember WHY I got this hard disk for this computer; because it only had a 75GB internal hard disk.  I was just reloading Windows on this computer because when the WD drive died, it took my whole Windows 7 OS with it, so I was putting my files back on and then I got the dreaded, you don’t have enough disk space to install Guild Wars 2 message.  I looked and only had 10GB left on the hard disk!  So now I have to go out and buy yet another hard disk to make up for Western Digital’s fail.  $120 wasted.

I guess I wouldn’t be so mad if it was an isolated issue, but when I checked the support site for Western Digital it is littered with pages and pages  and dozens and dozens of people complaining about the same thing.  The sudden death of the drive for no apparent reason, the flashing light, and I was actually lucky to find that my drive lived longer before dying than most; mine lasted 1.8 years.  Some people reported it only lasted a few months after they got it and others were around 1.5 years.  If I knew then what I knew now, I would NOT have bought it.

Thanks Western Digital for a very unreliable shoddy product; I will not be trusting you with my data in the future.  The next hard disk I get will NOT be a Western Digital, nor will it ever be in the further future; it will most likely be a Seagate.  And to anyone considering buying a Western Digital hard disk, I urge you to stay away from it.  WD used to be very good, the 75GB drive I have in here now is probably about 10 years old, which why I specifically bought the WD Element drive, but now it looks like they’ve resorted to using cheap bastard parts and now it shows in the longevity of their products which is 0 longevity.  I don’t care what kind of sale is on the Western Digital drives, go find something else.

I find it ironic that their moto for their external disks on theirweb site is You make the memories, We help keep them safe. It’s more like You make the memories, We trash them.

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