Bye Bye #AMEX #BlueBird, It’s for the Birds Review Redux

For the last few months  I have been fairly enjoying my AMEX Bluebird card despite there were some places I couldn’t use it because they don’t take AMEX cards, but it was still doable.  I even gave it a good review. Until … today I went to make a cash withdrawal from Walmart and they told me they don’t do cash withdrawals from the Bluebird card anymore … went to another Walmart, same deal.  Went to use the ATM machine … broken.  So now the card is officially a pos to me.  I am not going to drive around town to look for a MoneyExpress machine of which they also AMEX says you can withdraw and deposit for no fee … turns out thats a load of crap too.  There was only one MoneyExpress machine in my area that was shown as being able to do deposits so I went there … of course, it doesn’t do deposits. So yeah the American Express Bluebird card is a load of crap.  It’s like they did a bait and switch.  They advertised you can do all this stuff with the card and then 2 months later after they release the card, they no longer do the good stuff that I switched to the card for which was fee-free withdrawals with as less hassle as possible. Now it’s a hassle it’s just too much trouble than what it’s worth.

Switched my direct deposit back to my Netspend Visa and going back to that … there’s nothing to see here.

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