Naga Loyalty Promo on Synapse

Razer is offering a special loyalty promotion for the original Naga only.  If you’re not sure if you have the original Naga or not, I included a pic of mine.





The promotion was provided as a push update visible in Razer Synapse. So you can just open up your Razer Synapse and you’ll see an icon with a green gift box flashing in the bottom right corner.  When you click the green gift box you will be provided with a code to be able to claim your discount on the new Naga.

Fullscreen capture 7312013 25610 PM.bmp

If you don’t have Synapse installed  it’s free to download.

Razer Synapse 2.0 


After installing Synapse it will detect the Naga driver and you’ll get the flashing green gift box to be able to get your code and claim the offer.  If you don’t see the gift box it means your model isn’t eligible.  The offer gives you 20% off the new designed Razer Naga, but it’s only for a limited time in the US, EU and Canada.

Razer Naga

Now … afk while I go get mine …

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