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I love natural hairstyles. I believe it’s time for the perms that black women have been sporting to go. We have some of the most versatile hair in the world yet most black women resort to perms and weaves to obtain a limp and lifeless hair texture that is not even native to our scalp. And that is not even mentioning the potentially irreversible damage that applying chemical for years can do such as alopecia, baldness, split ends, breakage, stumped hair growth and in extreme cases even skin disorders. Black women are probably the only group of people on this earth that systematically chemically alter their hair to look like something they are not. Common excuses for it are “my natural hair is too hard to manage”, “i don’t have time to do my natural hair”, “my hair is ugly” or my all time favorite lamest one of them all, “natural hair isn’t versatile!”. Anyone who uses this one just needs to learn how to be creative or find a hairdresser who is. They are all excuses for malaise from not learning how to manage their own natural hair which starts from childhood when our moms slap perms on our heads because they don’t know how to manage our hair since they never learned to either. It’s a vicious cycle and at some point, someone has to jump off the ship. Get off the creamy crack and get your natural hair back.

On this page I have listed my favorite Black celebrities who wear their natural hairstyles.

Booty Hair

So I’m braiding up my hair (day 2 btw) and out of curiosity, I stretched my hair from the back and it’s only 5 inches from my butt! It was hard getting pics obviously hard to take pictures of your back so I’ll have to get someone to take it for me or find my tripod and take it myself.

The average hair length  for human hair is 1/2 an inch every month so in about another year my hair should be 6 inches to my butt.  Yeah go me!