Weird Dream About … Marilyn Manson?


I just woke up and it was one of those wtf wakeups like you wake up because you had a weird dream that involuntarily thrusted you back into the world of the consciousness. I had the strangest dream about … Marilyn Manson?  I don’t even know why.  I’ll admit I have secret crush on him but I have no reason whatsoever to dream about him.  I grew up on his music, which probably explains why I live outside of the norm, but I haven’t even listened to his music (which I love) in a while lately.  I think he’s hot with or without makeup. I love him as a musician. I love his art. I love his makeup. I like that he’s intelligent, or so it seems from his songs and his interviews.  I love people who have 3 -dimensional thinking like me because I don’t run into people like that too often. But I had a dream that we were on a date and I’ll leave that statement with that. Lol.  I know right!  Fat chance.

I Love you MM! Even in my subconscious!

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