THIS Is the Black Culture I Come From

THIS was the black culture i came from. THIS is black culture. Not this ratchet, Negropean, ghetto, fake gangster, self-hate, hair-hatted, penis-pushin, money-frontin, copy-cat, male effemination, female masculinization, hypersexual, cross-dressing, unoriginal, auto-tuning, Disney, sexplosion bullshit we got now.

I could go on and on with more colorful adjectives but I think you get my point. Mainstream rap is rancid and needs to be extinguished. There’s roaches in the kitchen and someone needs to spray the fuckin RAID. Underground rap is where it’s at, has kept it real from the beginning and where it’s always has been. Too bad most blacks are too fuckin brain-washed and stupid to even listen to it. Instead they choose to keep these roaches in the kitchen and then complain about their conditions and why their kids are doing this and that.

Oh you don’t think music has anything to do with how someone lives or behaves? I beg to differ when it comes to ignorant people. You get out of your head, what you put into it. Hang around positive progressive people and you will do positive progressive things. Hang around lazy ass fuckers and you too will be a lazy ass fucker. Hang around a bunch of dumbass nigger thugs, you too will act like and be a dumbass nigger thug and you’re going to get what dumbass nigger thugs get. Jailtime. 50 babies mommas. No car. No job. All while still being broke.

Did what I say piss you off? Oh I’m sorry, you thought I cared. I am African, black, Negro or whatever you want to call us now, and I am UN-apologetic about it so either get used to it or unsubscribe from my wall.

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