No Hope for Humanity

“I endorse these strippers, I endorse these strippers, I am Nicki Minaj and I support these strippers …”

Heard from a 10-year old girl


Can’t you guys see what you’re doing to kids by allowing them to listen to this kind of music or is it just that people don’t care anymore as long as the kid is quiet and is out of their face?  What does a 10 year old need to be walking around singing about strippers for?  This is pathetic or am I just too old at the age of 35 and this the new norm and the new level of acceptance in not just the Black community but everywhere to sing about strippers ?  I tend to think it’s the latter because I fail to see what my age has to do with it; trash is trash.  There should be no level of acceptance for prostitution, murder, violence and sexploitation.  Nothing good can ever come from it.

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