My Hair Tips (if you dare)

I find it funny how everytime I’m in a store checking out at the register and she’s black they all of a sudden start talking about hair. When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, the cashier who was check-in out my stuff starts talking to her coworkers about how her beautician ripped her hair out. And yesterday I was at Food Lion and the girl starts asking me all types of questions about my hair like if I perm it or not.  I don’t think she would have liked the truth about my hair so I Jus made something up. But the truth is I hadn’t washed or combed my hair in probably about 3+ years and then prior to that I hadn’t washed or combed my hair in 7 years because I had dreadlocks then. So if I told you I washed my hair prior to last week, I lied. TOODLES!!!


    • Shaunie

      hey JEN!
      I cut them out 🙁
      but i let them grow for a few weeks without twisting them so when i cut them my hair wasn’t too short.

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