Laptop bag can cause cancer?


So I ordered a laptop bag from JC Penney and I was so happy when it arrived today … until I read the label

“California proposition 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm”

Needless to say I will be sending this shit back along with an angry letter. WHO THE FUCK MAKES THINGS KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER TO THE PUBLIC!!?? Solo does and shame on JC Penney for selling it. JC Penney doesn’t mention anything on their site about the warning; neither did Solo’s web site, but that is besides the point. Read your stuff before using it people.

What else do these companies sell to us that is known to cause cancer and other defects and diseases that they don’t tell us about?

And all I wanted was a laptop bag … and instead I got a recipe for death.

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  1. puffidredz

    I contacted Solo at 800.333.6292 and asked them about the warning. I got the answer I suspected I would, that it was policy that any manufacturer in California they have to put the warning on there if they manufacture products with chemicals known to cause cancer. She said they were being “pro-active”. No, being PROACTIVE is not manufacturing the shit in the first place and if it has boiled down to everything being made with these kind of products, maybe it is because of this people are coming up with cancer and no one can figure out where it’s coming from. It’s coming from crap like this.

    But I will still be writing them an angry letter and sending this death bag back to JC Penney and they’ll probably put the garbage right back on the shelf.

  2. Sam

    I totally understood where you were coming from at first with this because I’ve seen that warning before and was skeptical about buying a belt with that similar warning label. I looked up the Prop 65 info to find out more about it and then I looked at the American Cancer Society site and saw this:

    “Scientists consider all of the cancer-related substances to be at least probable carcinogens, meaning that they may possibly cause cancer in some people. But not all of them are known carcinogens (known to cause cancer) by groups and experts outside of the state of California. This means that not every compound on the list as a possible cancer-causing substance has been proven to the worldwide scientific community to actually cause cancer.”

    If you think about it, according to California’s Proposition 65 Law, there are a lot of everyday products that contain one or more of these chemicals. More than likely you’ve already been using something that contains one of these “carcinogens” without realizing it. I really wouldn’t worry.

    • Shaunie

      Yea I gave it some thought and I figured the same thing. It started to make me think wow what else around the house had cancerous stuff in it? But nonetheless I’m returning the bag tomorrow anyway because I saw another laptop bag I want instead that actually looks better and has more cushion for my laptop.

      • dave

        Solo doesn’t have to put the label. They are just being proactive. The new bag you bought may have twice the cancerous chemicals with 1/100th the proactiveness to put a label.

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