It’s A Good Idea When You’re An Aunt Picking Up Your Niece From School …

… To remember your niece’s name

So yeah, I went to pickup up my niece from school today and the secretary at the main office desk asks me what her name was.  I couldn’t remember her name.  I thought the clerk may have had one of those little buttons under her desk to press to call the police thinking I was coming to snatch up someone’s kid, but when I looked up, she was silently, but hilariously, laughing behind a file folder she was holding.

I had to call my Mom to ask her what my niece’s name was.


Further confirmation that I am not maternal material.

So you might ask how in the world did you forget your nieces name? Well it’s because I always call her by her nickname CoCo. And its a good thing I asked my Mom because I would have never guessed what her real name was.


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