Google Chrome is starting to suck, it keeps crashing #google #chrome #googlechrome

chromeballI’ve been running Google Chrome since beta.  I remember when I was using Chrome and when I told my friends about it they’re like Google what?  It USED to be a fast browser bringing up pages faster than lightning itself, but now it has started to progressively get bad.  It sometimes takes a long time pulling up pages, which I can deal with because it rarely happens but now it’s getting REALLY bad because it keeps crashing.  Even in Ubuntu it crashes like no other consistently.  No matter what computer I am on, it crashes, religiously and it all seems to be surrounded around Flash.

Everytime it crashes, it is been Flash has experience an error of some sort. It used to only happen with YouTube but now it seems to be just about anywhere and on Google’s own pages and it’s driving me up the wall.  Maybe it’s time to head back to Firefox which was what I was using anyway before Chrome.

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