Good to see my 2nd home back together

I used to live in New York City in the 90s so my last memories of it were how the skyline looked when the original Twin Towers stood when entering the city from the NJ Turnpike. I used to work in a small Italian petshop at the base of the first tower so the destruction of the towers sort of hit home for me; I left that job in 1998, three years prior to the 9/11 attacks.

So glad to see it’s back. I lived on Flatbush, a West Indian borough of Brooklyn, but loved traveling through the city when I went to work seeing the skyscrapers because coming from the flat state of Virginia, I had never seen skyscrapers before.

Welcome back Manhattan. Inshalla I’ll be moving back to New York City some time this year.

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Final pieces hoisted atop Trade Center

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