A conservative co-worker of mine says she is against Obamacare …

And that people voted for Obama just because they want “stuff”.  Then she goes on to tell me that she is married and has two kids … but hasn’t had health insurance in years because she can’t afford it.  Believe me, I am trying so hard to understand right-wing’s supporters’ methods of thinking, but most the time when they explain their reasoning , they either have this “what’s good for me is not good for you” attitude or it’s this whole subservience to the policies that got this country exactly where it is in the first place mentality. They even defend the right-wing to the point where they are attempting to justify policies to me that doesn’t even include them!  Some of them are even living out the exact problems that are plaguing many Americans, that Obama is fighting against, such as millions of Americans running around here with no healthcare.  How long are we suppose to wait on taking care of this healthcare problem?  How long do we keep it on the backburner?  How long has it already been on the backburner before politicians decided to do anything about it knowing full well this breach in the insured to uninsured was going to bust wide open?

At this point, universal healthcare or some kind of healthcare reform, should have happened after the Clinton administration when we had the surplus, but NOOOOO someone wanted to sling their dick over their shoulder, go to war and waste the money. Now we’re in a deficit and struggling to get the money we need to help our own people.  Other co-workers started ranting about other country’s national healthcare about how they suck, even though they have never lived there to even know, and saying that they have poor health conditions.  Jesus people, it’s not like the government is building new clinics and hospitals and sticking 3rd world doctors in them, morons.  We will have the same clinics and hospitals with the same doctors as before, just the policies are changing.

The prices for health insurance go up every year or so no matter who is in office,  so how long are we suppose to wait before we do something about it? There are about 48.6 million uninsured Americans right now.  Americans bitch and whine about the price tag for universal healthcare, but when there’s a war all of a sudden the money comes out the woodworks.  It’s like no one wants to spend money on their own country, they seem content on blowing other country’s  up. Do we wait until we have people dying in ER waiting rooms or people dying in their homes, etc?  Until we have an epidemic of the Bubonic Plague-like proportion because a handful of people couldn’t afford healthcare so they just walked around with it infecting everyone else?  Do we wait for some illegal to jump the border with a nasty bug that infects us all?  Or do we wait until there’s an outbreak of the super-flu that wipes out a small town?   Because that is exactly what is going to happen with the number of people running around without healthcare. No healthcare means you got people walking around with diseases and the last thing we need is for one to mutate and wipe out people.  Yes it does sound like something from a horror movie but it’s a very possible reality; it’s a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.

Left to the decision of Republicans, that is exactly what’s going to happen and they will not do anything about it and do what they do best, neglect the issue.  Neglect it until it explodes and becomes an epidemic just like they neglected the issues of Wall Street under the Bush administration until the crap busted wide open and America woke up the next morning to evaporated pensions, a balance of $.50 cents in their 401k’s, and a foreclosed sign on their porch.  I remember getting letters in the mail from 2 of the banks I had accounts with saying my accounts would be transferred to another bank because they were folding and were getting bought out; banks that now charge fees for their services mind you.  So when I see them say things like this, it makes me wonder if they have just  given up their dignity and submitted to this big business, plutocratic and oligarchic country, hoping that some way or somehow corporations, under their own vices, out of the kindness of their hearts, will just handover medical insurance to you and if not oh well or do they just love getting pistol-whipped by the wealthy?  Even when I was working for an employer it was only about $20 cheaper from individual health insurance; not a big difference.

As far as my co-worker, I don’t know if it’s her entire family with no insurance, probably because she also says she is in a single income family although she is married, but she is walking around with no health insurance because she cannot afford it. Do you not see something wrong with that?  Is this the new American patriotism?  To just neglect yourself because you don’t have the money to pay for it and thus walk around with no kind of medical insurance whatsoever but work 10 hours a day?  And if you ask for ONE thing, a.k.a. healthcare, you’re classified as wanting “stuff”?  If this IS the new America, then we need a better education system to make college part of our standard education system so everyone can go to college just like the Arab and Indian countries do, so we can make more money to feed the plutocrats while at the same time afford healthcare for ourselves.

But I guess it’s the American Way to just become an expendable pawn in this game to work hard for the plutocrats and spending your life doing it, and at the same time the money you earn that YOU worked for, once again just goes back into the hands of the plutocrats and then your kids are going to raised into a public school system that teaches them to be cooperative to the plutocrats and do the same thing in life? Well are you a human being or just a friggin Duracell battery because I don’t see much difference between the two. I mean unless you like being created predestined to never get ahead and just be drained by the plutocrats of everything you work hard for, and serving no other function in life.   Sorry, I value myself much more than that and I am not  going to continue to let the divide between the have’s and have not’s continue.

The 1% seems to have forgotten that they made their money off the sweat of the 99%’s backs.  Sorry plutocratic America.  We’re hurting out here so we’re taking some of it back.

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