Facebook Math Fail: 1000 + 40 + 1000 + 30 + 1000 + 20 + 1000 + 10 =

fbmathfailSo you ready for more Facebook Math Fail?  Today’s math problem is:

“Make this without a calculator or paper just your mind: You have 1000, add 40, add 1000, add 30, again 1000, add 20, add again 1000 and finally 10. What is the result?”

When I browsed through the answers, the results were staggering … most people answered


The intelligence of Facebook fails again … WRONG!!  I know you’re like but I added everything up and it came out to 5000 how can that be wrong!  Easy … because you weren’t paying attention.  By the 7th line (the one that says add again 1000 in case you can’t count to 7 either) you should have 4090. Hate to break it to you but 4090 + 10 is 4100not 5000. And if you’re like me and don’t like doing this the long way, just add them all up in groups: 1000 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000 + 40 + 30 + 20 + 10 = 4100. The equation didn’t say you had to do in order  🙂


Facebook stupidity is over 9000!!!!


But this wouldn’t be a Facebook Math Fail without the responses and insults from the lucky contestants: 1I couldn’t have said it better myself overly-blonde Facebook lady

You saw what? The wrong answer?


Got the right answer but doesn’t know why

At least he admitted it


Apparently, not easy enough


So says the dumbass that got it wrong


An then we have the philosophicals over-thinking the question. Meh, I thought about that too but although it doesn’t say add the 10 at the end, that makes the entire thing not make sense. Okay you add all that … and finally 10.  If we followed exactly what this guy said, you would have 4090 as you spend the next hour contemplating about what it meant by “and finally 10”; it doesn’t say do anything with it, so let’s just give the question the benefit of the doubt and just assume it meant add it too since that’s what we did with the other lines.


Even if you didn’t at the last 10 the answer would not be 4900 … it would be 4090  -_- Trying to deflect the attention off himself because he added it up wrong too.

Accepted defeat and didn’t even try



Yeah … seriously!

Sure it was easy to get it wrong!


America vs basic math … the fail is stronk



  1. AhOhyeah

    I’m so glad you posted this. That page blew my mind. And not because of
    the “equation” itself. But the mass amounts of people who thought they
    were right when they were not. It was intriguing. There’s no special way
    to get the right answer; what’s right, is right. First off– only add
    when it says “add”. This is where people’s brains stopped digging (if
    they ever even started in the first place). So, given that::::

    Start with— 1000.
    ADD 40.
    ADD 1000.
    ADD 30.

    Skip– “again 1000″(makes no sense, literally, think about it).

    Continue with— ADD 20.

    SKIP– “add AGAIN 1000″(The people whose answers were 3090 failed to see that it makes no sense either).

    skip– “and finally” 10.

    Outcome: 1000+40+1000+30+20 = Answer: 2090.

    ((((For the ones saying the periods ended one equation and started
    another.. the periods should not exist there in the first place. This is
    NOT a sentence– it is an equation. You have you (+) for ADDing (the
    plus signs are the only things that could possibly contribute to the
    EQUATION– and that’s it. If anything, the (.) could be labeled
    decimals. And if you were to argue that they WERE periods, there is no
    rule in the ‘math rule book’ that would claim that a PERIOD would
    separate two equations in a word/equation problem. If there is, let me

    what this came down to was fail English(most likely not on purpose).
    So, though it seems like people are thinking about it to hard– a lot of
    it was improper so people who had some reading capabilities took it as a
    technical challenge, which would make the technical answer the right

    The answer is ————–2090.————————–
    All you 4100’s and 5000’s are simply wrong. Good day..

    • Sarah Pants

      I saw it as the equation starting at add 40. I only used the parts that had add.
      You have 1000
      Add 40 = 40
      Add 1000= 1040
      Add 30= 1070
      Again 1000= does not say add
      Add 20= 1090
      Add again 1000= 2090
      And finally 10= does not say add

      What is the total?

    • Amb

      There are many possibilities because of the way that the problem is worded to get 4100 or less my problem is the people who got 5000 it’s a simple addition problem how do you get 5000

    • Carla René

      Not entirely.

      While it’s true that periods contribute to decimals and should not appear in equations or inequalities, sometimes they do. They’re incredibly important when you’re using sig figs. The number 4000 has 1 significant figure, or infinite significant figures, but the number 4000. has 4 sig figs.

      BTW, double periods? Don’t exist as punctuation, and to should be *too, as in people are thinking about it *too hard. It means, in excess.

      There’s another version of this floating around in which there are no periods or the word add. People are getting hung up on whether there is a rule of operations that says if there is an operator lacking, you assume addition. *face palm*


  2. Guest

    The real trouble is that people are really really weak in solving basic arithmetic problems.

    I suppose it’s like that saying: “The trouble with common sense is that it’s not so common”.

    I didn’t even pay attention to the last “add” or “finally 10” because it doesn’t make sense (to me) not to add it. It’s basic mathematics and basic logics as well.

    Philosphically speaking, we now understand that people actually need to be told what to do in order to solve mundane problems such as the one mentioned above.

    I think we truly failed as a generation,


    • Stephen Clark

      Mathematically the answer is 3090
      You start by having 1000 then it says “add 40” so now you have 1040
      then the equation says “add 1000, add 30” the total is now 2070
      You can’t use the “again 1000” as last time I checked the word ‘again’ wasn’t a mathematical function. Your total is still 2070
      It continues “add 20, add again 1000” now you have 3090
      throw out the “and finally 10” because again ‘and finally’ is not a mathematical function.

      Therefor 1000+40+1000+30+ 20+1000 = 3090

  3. prof stradley

    11330.. don’t forget it states 2 times, “add again” so you have to add your answer again to the next part.

  4. Jen

    I would have to argue the fact that on one of the 1000 it just says again and not add so that should not be included. It should be 3090

  5. LD

    “Again 1,000” is not a mathematical function. Neither is “and finally”. Those lines should be excluded from the total.

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