#Beyonce Gets “Yao Ming’d”

guFLROTOver the last few days, there have been several pics floating around the Internet of “unflattering” pics of Beyonce’s Superbowl performance.  They are just regular pics of her caught in mid-expression which do make for some funny faces.  I had to admit I had a good laugh myself.  Reminds me of Yao Ming when he was caught mid-expression in a press interview and the “bitch please” meme was born.  Well Beyonce’s pics are all over Facebook and other social medias with all kinds of photoshops; omg the lulz. I was going to post the images here but I think Buzzfeed showed the images the best. Be prepared to lol … HARD. Harder than Yao Ming himself.




Click here for the Beyonce pics

Click here for Beyonce memes

(WARNING!: will have your stomach hurting with lulz)




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